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5 / 6 augustus 2004

OLAT 6e Kempenland walk
110-80 kilometer

Under the auspices of KNBLO-NL & IVV


On thursday night 5 on 6 August 2004 walking club OLAT organizes his 6e Kempenland walk through the region park  “De Kempen”


Sportcomplex De Kievit


Linze 13


Thursday night 5 August 2004
110 kilometer at 20.00 hours
80 kilometer   at 23.00 hours
FINISH: Friday 6 August May at the latest at 19:00 hours
REGISTRATION FEE:(for 15 July mail) 110 kilometers  € 22,00  and € 17,50 for the 80 kilometers
(including certificate).
NA-INSCHRIJVING (na 15 July) € 6,00   toeslag voor de 80 en 110 km.
ENROLMENT d.m.v. overmaking van het inschrijfgeld op giro 214962 t.n.v.  OLAT-wandelwegen te WEERT met vermelding "Kempenlandtocht", naam en afstand
PROVISIONS During the walk the well known OLAT mobile feeding stations will take care of you, as well as some rests in cafes. At all mobile stations first aid will be present.
PUBLIC TRANSPORT Railway Station Geldrop two per hour

Important for the 110 and 80 kilometers:

You should report yourself half an hour before starting time to receive the papers for the walk.

Light color clothes and reflectors are obligatory during the night. Take a torch for on the way. Reflector vests or armbands are for sale or rent at the starting bureau.

Walking speed:

The mobile feeding stations for the 110 and 80 kilometers are calculated on a walking speed of 5 to 8 km/hour (including resting time).

About every 20 km there will be a café rest. From here always will be started together. From the last café rest walking speed will be free.

Luggage (max. 1 bag or rucksack) can be given in for transport from  rest to rest. They must be marked with the labels supplied by the organization.

Registration papers can be requested at:


From the place Geldrop of the Kempische Walking Days the walkers will start at 20:00 hours for a walk of  110 kilometers. This walk is suitable for the LONG DISTANCE WALKER. 

The walkers for the 80 kilometers KENNEDY-walk on their turn will start at 23:00 hours. This walk will be honored with a stamp for the  Kennedy walker medal.
This Kennedy-walker medal is reserved for walkers who five times finished a Kennedy-walk.
On the way the well-known en experienced OLAT providing team will be present at the mobile feeding stations to supply the walkers from drinks and food. These mobile feeding stations are posted at approximately every 8 kilometers, while about every 20 kilometers a café rest can be expected.
The course will bring the walkers through an area called de Kempen.
Werkgroep "Kempenlandtocht"
Daelenbroek 32
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