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                  Logo's van Amerikaanse 82e & 101e Airborne divisie 


Operation Market garden a plan of the British field-marshal Montgomery it knew two main points: the conquest of eight important bridges between the Belgian border and arnhem by the first allied air landing army and an attack with ground forces- of the British Second Army of Belgium in the direction of the IJsselmeer. To conquer bridges layers at Son, sint Oedenrode, Veghel, grave, Heumen, nijmegen and Arnhem.
In sum became at air landings 20.000 parachutists dropped off and still once almost 14.000 soldiers tested-fly with sailplanes. The battle for arnhem determined part of operation Market garden.

In 1994, became by the wandelsportvereniging OLAT on the occasion of 50 year of the release of the South Netherlands meerdaagse walk made of Lommel to nijmegen. Directly after this excursion arose thought for this route such as Market Gardenpad as fixed long distance wandelpad to carry out.
The idea disappeared however in the frigidaire. At the opening of duke Hendrikpad and the ontstaan of topic paths and coming sexagenarian commemoration was started to the development.

For the realisation of this wandelpad we have got collaboration of KNBLO-NL.


  and of the ANWB support fund

Further the Airborne have museum HartensteinAirborne museum ' Hartenstein ': - The battle at arnhem - The battle for arnhem - Drawer Bataille d'Arnhem - That Schlacht um Arnheim in Oosterbeek and the national release museum 1944-1945 in Groesbeek also all collaboration and the museum the delivering wings stand promised here also do not reject compared with.

From the provincial side there support for the project is of       

Cooperation with ANWB
Arthur van Essen, (emeritus hoogleraar applied linguistics and amateur historian to the university of groningen) at Eelde has Anwb-blad the Toeractief described a route walk of British part of the operation Market garden and it lies in the intention of this walks still four to make. Geert operative at the ANWB have baker both projects brought. They possibly in new wandelgids it illuminate pelgrimage of the battle of arnhem and examined will become there there common information informatieborden are possible come at these walks. The route of these short rondwandelingen z
ullen by means of the Internet site available put become.

Also the Wandelplatform LAW do not stand rejecting compared with this route, however, the route commission must to assess if the path qualifies for a yolk/red markering, differently the path a yolk/blue will get markering of the consultation Cooperating wandelsport organisations.

Further to be there contacts with
Foundation Eerdse mill
and it route office just started up of Brabantine office of tourism, the cooperating region end courts and the regioVVV meijerij e.o. contact and stands one is positive compared with the path and very soon conversations follow.

Montgomery's plan market garden - The complete story or the historical airborne operation Market garden in the Netherlands, 17 September 1944The route
These wandelroute will run from the Belgian Lommel/Neerpelt by means of to place falcon landlord, Waalre, the green lung of end courts, best (Museum the delivering wings), honoured Son and Breugel, Sint-Oedenrode, Veghel, Uden, sea country grave, Overasselt, Heumen, Molenhoek, Mook, Groesbeek (national release museum 1944-45), nijmegen, Lent, Elst, Driel, Oosterbeek (Airborne Museum Hartenstein) to arnhem.

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Along the route information informatieborden with the overview of the route will become placed.


 Logo's van Britsh 1e Airborne divisie
& British XXX Corps 

Marnius van Roosmalen - St-Oedenrode
Theo Tromp - Weert
Marten Hogeweg - Eindhoven
Ad Verbakel - Keldonk
Jan van Berkel - Keldonk
Jan van de Ven - Schijndel
Mirjam Kies - Eindhoven
Adhoc Gijs den Ouden - Rotterdam


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